Why I’m standing

I’m standing because I want a united party, true to our radical tradition that leads the fight for a fairer Britain.


I’ve campaigned for Labour all my life. Labour made me who I am today. It got me to university, enabled me to become a councillor and now national Deputy Leader of Labour in local government, and it introduced me to my partner Kyle.

I’ve been out on the doorsteps in my home seat of Gedling in Nottinghamshire in election after election over two decades. As one of the most marginal areas in the country it's been tough, particularly when we lost in 2019. But like thousands of Labour members, I was inspired by Keir’s campaign, to unite, fight for social justice and win back power.

As your representative on the NEC I will be your voice. As an activist, organiser, parliamentary candidate, and now as Labour local government’s campaign lead I know what our members, campaigners & representatives need to beat the Tories.

I will fight and work relentlessly for more representation of women, BAME, disabled and LGBT+ members at all levels of our politics.